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RpgLegend has many great features planned and will hopefully be implemented.

Side-view, Dynamic Battles

Battle in an dynamic, side-view combat system inspired by the classic RPG's of the 16-bit era. Complete with action meters that fill based on your Haste, allowing you to take your turn concurrently with others and not having to wait for your turn.

Don't just take on foes alone, now you can finally battle co-operatively with your friends, and other players, to defeat the most challenging of battles. Some of the best strategies in RpgLegend compose of working with other player's synergies.

Our innovative Monster Encounters system allows you to have plenty of warning before entering combat. Each step you take increases your threat. When your threat reaches full you will be thrown into battle. Your allies will also be thrown into battle depending on how close they are to you. Approaching an ally in the throws of battle allows you to assist them. It is your choice!

Living World

The RpgLegend World is feature rich that will eventually include hundreds of locations to explore that span two continents, plus dozens of islands both in the sea and floating in the sky. Each continent is complete with several countries and cultures that span many races.

Updated in biannual installments (every 6 months), the RpgLegend world will be constantly expanded with new lands to explore, adventures to experience, stories to uncover and challenges to overcome.

Existing locations will evolve over time based on community-wide actions. New players will experience the evolving environment, while veteran players will get to influence the world in which direction it takes as a collective whole.

Rich Storylines

Experience the main storyline that allows you to work your way up from humble beginnings as a city guard. Soon you get thrown into the matters most critical to the survival of your country and must stop threats of not only enemy nations but enemies much bigger than anything you could imagine. Along the way you befriend mentors and companions that join you in your journey.

While you travel across the world you will also uncover dozens of side storylines. Each being self-contained, plot-driven adventures that explore the rich history of the land. Some even spanning several chapters and ending in climatic turn of events.

Unlike most MMO's, RpgLegend, requires no boring errand-type quests to be completed. While these do exist in the game, they do not progress any quest or storyline. And are presented as optional objectives that reward gold and experience for those who wish to pursue them.

Customizable Skills

Uncover powerful, yet extremely rare crystals that allow you to unlock magical abilities and skills. These crystals may be attunded to your soul in limited quanities, allowing you to pick and choose which skills you take into combat. You may switch out crystals between battles to further change up your strategy and playstyle.

Become stronger by leveling your crystals and unlock additional abilities and skills. Each crystal has a set of unique abilities that can only be harnessed if you fully master the crystal's energy.

Co-operative Adventures

As you travel the world you will uncover Adventure areas. These areas are designed to challenge groups of players to work together to defeat one or many powerful bosses. Usually driven through main or side storylines, Adventure areas usually conclude or unfold climatic plot events. Best of all they reward the best treasures and spoils.

To reduce the burden of grouping, Adventure areas scale to the party size and even allow you to complete them solo. However, rewards will also scale based on the party size. Performing Adventures alone will reward in trivial spoils, but will allow you to experience the storyline and complete quests even out of a group.

Player Interaction

Being an online, persistent, multiplayer RPG brings many great features. One of which is being able to chat with any player you see around you. What better way to experience your journey than with others trying to achieve the same goals. But not only can you chat with anyone, you may also use private messages to talk about secret agendas.

Plus, you will be able to trade many items you find with your friends and fellow players that you meet. If it is a gift, selling items, or actually trading one item for another, you will be able to perform such actions with ease.

When running into other players doing the same storyline as you, why not group up and party with them. Doing so allows most battles to scale in difficulty also increasing the spoils.

And when you want to mix things up you can always PvP with other players not only one-vs-one, but also in heated party-vs-party battles. If you can win against equally skilled opponents you will be awarded by the Battle Master with epic gear.

Crafting Professions

Having problems finding that last upgrade? Take obtaining gear into your own hands, literally, by crafting your gear. Start off by harvesting your own raw materials, or buying/trading them from other players, and forge your own weapons, equipment, and gear. Plenty of gear will be found from other means, but crafting is always available if all else fails. You may also trade and sell your crafted items with other players.

Not only is crafting for gear, but also used to craft useful items. Items include healing potions, deadly poisons, explosive crystal shards, and even gourmet foods that increase your strength before battle. Any adventurer would want these items in their inventories to help them with a winning edge in battle.

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