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Fight enemies in turn based, retro battles using three unique classes. Gain power by equipping crystals.

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Explore the lands of RpgLegend while uncovering story driven quests, taking you from catacombs to mountain tops.

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Join a party of up to 3 players. Work together to explore dungeons and defeat bosses.

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RpgLegend is free to play and requires no downloads or installation, just the latest version of Flash.

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Development Update
RpgLegend Party System!
Written by thephantom on September 17th, 2014 at 10:34 pm:
I have finally got the party system in the game! RpgLegend supports player parties of up to 3 players. The players in your party will be able to chat with each other using the private Party chat channel. They will also have their status bars show on the left side of your screen!

The party member who is the leader will have a crown icon next to their name. Leadership may be passed around. But be careful! The leader has the ability to kick anyone from the party!

Party members who are on a separate map will have their status bars grayed out. And party members who are offline will have a lightning bolt icon next to their name.
Development Update
Lightsource Engine Complete
Written by thephantom on September 3rd, 2014 at 12:39 am:
Much work has been done on the RpgLegend project over the past few days. Tonight I finished the new Lightsource Engine!

Lightsource Engine

  • Light-source texture moved to shared TextureAtlas for better performance.

  • Light-sources now render on players and events.

  • Event Lightsources have many great customization options:
    • Alpha - the strength of the lightsource intensity
    • Pattern - the shape of the lightsource (currently only a circle is available)
    • Flicker - the variance range of how much it will grow/shrink
    • Size - allows you to stretch or shrink the overall size of the lightsource on both width and height
    • Tint - allows the lightsource to be colored to any color

  • Players lightsource size, flicker, alpha and pattern will be predefined in a set that will be universally used across all maps. More sets may be added in the future for other combinations of these properties.
  • Maps allow for the lightsource darkness to have a custom color and semi-transparency.
  • Maps allow for the player's lightsource to have a custom color tint.

This means that each map could have a unique darkness colored tint and each map could have a different player's lightsource tint. Such as building interiors could have a slight darkness tint and the player could have a warm colored lightsource. While a scary cave could have a darker darkness tint, and the player could have a blue colored lightsource.
This engine was designed mainly for the Ceonead location. Ceonead is shrouded in a curse of darkness and you must obtain a Magic Lantern in order to see anything. But this engine will also be used on many maps now to give more atmosphere and lighting effects.

The new ability to tint lightsources different colors allows the lightsource to have a different color depending on the type of light. If the light is from fire it will be a warm color, if it is from a blue crystal, then it could be tinted blue.

Map Masking Returns

I added back the ability to mask off portions of the map behind a fog-of-war type tiles. This allows for us to separate rooms from each other so you cannot see into them.

Several new features have been added to the game since the Masking feature was originally created. These features have been modified to work well with the Masking system:

  • Names above player's heads who are in a Masked off region of the map are now hidden.

  • Player and Entity lightsources in other Masked off regions are now hidden.

  • Animations on entities in other Masked off regions are now hidden.

Bug Fixes

  • Debugging TextureAtlas viewer now properly updates with accurate textures.

  • Players should now always see each other when entering and leaving maps.
Development Update
New Minimap Generator
Written by thephantom on August 6th, 2014 at 2:16 am:
Hello everyone. Today I have finished making the new minimap generator. Previously this was done using the game client directly. This had its benefits, such as capturing the map exactly how it looked. But was an issue because it required the game client to be ran each time a new map was added to the game, and this took a good bit of loading time.

The new method was to use PHP directly. Since our custom Game Development Panel uses PHP, this choice only made since. Using the GD library and several loops later, the Minimap generator is complete!

The minimap generator first loads the TMX file for the map (created with the free Tiled Map Editor). then it loads the tilesets attached to the map. With the tilesets loaded it gets the average color of each tile in the tileset by resizing the image down. The processing of resizing quickly achieves the result of getting the average color. I also had to check if each tile had a lot of transparent colors and if it did not resize it but set that tile's color to be transparent. If I didn't I found that tiles with just a few pixels and the rest being transpant, resulted in the average color being just the few pixels. So for example, if a tile had just 3 black pixels in the corner and the rest was transparent. The average color of that tile resulted in being black! This would end up looking poorly on the minimap.

Once all the average colors for each tile in the tileset was determined, then it was time to read the compressed tile data from our TMX map layers. Each layer was cross referenced to the tile's average color, and with this I was able to reconstruct the map down to the scale of 1 tile being 1 pixel. The final bit was just merging the map layers together to create a finished minimap!

Below is the map how it looked in Tiled (zoomed out), and next to it is the minimap image generated (enlarged by 3x):
Development Update
Status Update June 1 2014
Written by thephantom on June 1st, 2014 at 11:46 am:

Watch out! A giant skeleton warrior approaches! *Not actual gameplay footage.

Status Update!

I have been working hard on the Monster Development Panel. This panel will allow us to add and edit monsters in the game, and all the information needed to do so! Including things such as: visual poses, animations, item rewards, gold, experience, stats, AI tables, encounter phases, and how all these options scale depending on party size. It is actually one of the most complex components of the whole game, come to think of it. Well maybe the Event System is more complex!

I will release some screen shots of the panel once it is closer to completion! More soon! And for now enjoy a pixel art skeleton warrior I made in my free time (above)! Let me know what you think!
Development Update
New Map Engine Feature: Merging Light sources
Written by thephantom on May 16th, 2014 at 10:04 pm:

This new feature allows us to render multiple light sources on the map at once that can overlap and merge together. This will allow us to create dark caves with light sources scattered around; have maps that are brigher around NPC’s and around the player; and to give a little extra glow around lamps.

In the screen above the player and two events all have their own light sources and the light sources merge together smoothly.
Development Update
Story/Quests/Lore/Misc Update 1
Written by lagunax1 on May 13th, 2014 at 3:06 am:
Hi, I am Laguna and this is my Development Blog to talk about any progress I make from now as we near the projects completion!

As the title suggests for now I am mostly working on story and quest based scripts and creating the lore behind them. I will also be doing other things like creating sound effects (at least attempting to lol) and minor sprite editing. That's where the Misc comes in!

The game is planned to be split into 8 Chapters, each with an engrossing arc of plot that connects together over the entirety of the game into one epic story. At the moment we're just concerned with completing the first Chapter so that's all I will talk about.

In Chapter 1 the story takes place in the Country of Spiertir and it's five locations Spiertir City, Domhan, Ceonead, The Farmlands and Sohar Peaks. While the main story is pretty much complete and scripted across these locations it is now my job to script and solidify all current quest ideas and new ones!

Right now I am working on the quest lines for Domhan of which there are four. It may not seem like many but most are fairly story driven and lengthy opposed to the quick simple ones of the usual mmo.

I have recently completed the script for the quest Domhan Brothers, which gives the player a look into the history of Domhan and how it gained it's name. I am currently working on a quest named Wayward Heart which follows a Merchant fallen for a Barmaid who rejects him.

I'll update my progress here from now on and if we get more members to the site I may start prefixing my posts with random bits of Lore to our world that don't reveal any major spoilers to the game!
New Media Update! In-game Menus!
Written by thephantom on May 1st, 2014 at 11:57 pm:
Check out the newly added in-game screenshots added to the Media section.

The new in-game screenshots include a preview of the Inventory, Equipment, Skill Crystals, and Crystal Upgrades menus.

As more menus of the game are completed additional screenshots will be added.
New Website Content Added!
Written by thephantom on February 19th, 2014 at 3:45 am:
We have added the "Game Info" tab, which you should check to find information about the game's storyline, world, combat, skill system, multi-player functions, classes and even professions. The content in this section will give you somewhat of an idea of what the game will be like and what features we are planning.

The Media tab currently has a placeholder video of a time-lapse pixel art of a serpent boss. We will add screen shots, videos, and artwork to this tab as we make them!

We have also added a new "Live Stream". This will allow you to directly watch our live development stream from our website and chat with us as we develop and work on RpgLegend. Currently we plan to stream 3pm to 6pm EST every weekday if possible. We mainly will not be streaming if we are doing things that cannot be streamed (planning, meetings, or other boring things).

There are a few other new tabs along the top as well, including: Team and FAQ. Please review these tabs to learn more about the people behind RpgLegend and to answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions or want to drop us a line please feel free to sign up for the Forums and make a new topic with your message!

Thank you for your interest in RpgLegend!
Welcome to the new RpgLegend site!
Written by thephantom on February 1st, 2013 at 11:30 pm:
Much has been happening over the last few months. And just as the site has been updated, the game is in the process of being completely updated as well. :)

Over the coming days to weeks we will be actively updating this site to reflect the new plans and features for the game.

Stay tuned!
RpgLegend is a retro, 2D, online, multiplayer role playing game where you can play with your friends, fight challenging foes, explore new lands, quest, and discover the rich history of the land. Read more..

RpgLegend is still under development and not yet playable. If you'd like to learn more about the development of the game check out: the Live Development Stream and the Phanxgames Development Blog.