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About RpgLegend

RpgLegend is a tribute to the 16-bit RPG, bringing you back to your favorite JRPG's of the SNES era but with modern features and functionality. It features a rich world and storyline, strategic character progression, challenging foes to fight solo or co-op, and plenty of amazing treasure to find. Get ready to become a Legend!

Tribute to Classic JRPG's
Experience what you love about classic JRPG's from the 90's, but updated with modern functionality and multiplayer, cooperative gameplay.
Multiplayer Combat
Fight and strategize with your friends (or against them) to bring down beasts and bosses in turn-based, action-meter, side-view combat.
Custom Skill Charts
Choose skills from different class skill paths and swap out unique crystals along the way. Preview the skill charts:
Sage, Warden and Reaper.
Party Scalable Content
Play solo or in a party of up to three players. You don't need to find a group to experience the game's storyline. Content scaled to full parties will be more challenging yet reward you handsomely.
Co-Op Adventure Areas
Adventure into instanced areas to overcome co-op puzzles, deadly challenges and bosses to find the rarest and best loot in the land.
Real-time Abilities
Cast "Auras" even when it's not your turn allowing you to respond to your opponent's moves, or help your ally's. Allowing you to change the flow of combat at any point in battle.
Story-driven Adventure
Play through the main storyline that introduces you to new characters, new lands and new dangers but even greater rewards. Plus, for added adventure be sure to keep your out for dozens of optional side storylines.
Beautifully Detailed World
Explore a detailed, 2D world, full of interesting environments, rich stories, hidden treasures and secret areas to discover. You have the freedom to go off the beaten path to make your own adventures.
Original Soundtrack
Listen to a vibrant, original soundtrack, composed and written specifically for RpgLegend, blending the retro style with modern sound quality.

More About RpgLegend

The initial release of the game will have 5 distinct zones: Domhan Forest, Spiertir Plains, Ceonead Woods, Sohar Peaks and the Catacombs. Each zone is full of caves, dungeons, and sub-terrain locations to explore and level up in. Plus, the large captial city of Spiertir, where merchants from across the land come to sell their goods, and players will be able to come together for trade and gatherings.

The main storyline will guide you through the world as you discover why Crimson, the man who destroyed your hometown and killed off your family, is causing mass havoc across the country. Ravril, your childhood friend, invites you into the secret Royal Order and together you piece together the puzzle. Crimson is up to something far greater than either of you could imagine. Will you be able to stop him?

As you progress through the main storyline you will also have many opportunities to find optional side storylines, each with their own characters, events, and circumstances that you may explore.

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